Podcast List of Episodes Seasons 1-5

Compared to Who the Podcast is here!

My heart is to reach Christian women who are really struggling with body image and looking for fresh answers they haven’t heard anywhere else.

Here’s a full list of episodes to date:

Season 1

Episode One: This is an introduction to Compared to Who? where I share my story of walking out of body image and comparison shame and frustration! If you’re new here – you’ll want to listen to this first episode.

Episode Two: What is Body Image Idolatry? In this episode, I introduce the concept of body image idolatry. We so often think our body image issues are just problems with our bodies, but there is a secret, hidden problem that, until it’s addressed, you can be a size 2 or a size 22 and you’ll still struggle with body image shame. **If You’re New: Start here!**

Episode Three: Habits that Keep Us Stuck. Here we get down and dirty  . . . digging into places we all hate to go — our habits! Are there things we do every day that are keeping us trapped in our body image issues? If so, what can or should we do to find new freedom? **Ranked a best episode**

Episode Four: New Year, New You. In this episode, I talk about the concept of reinvention. Do women really need to “reinvent” themselves every year? Is that even a biblical principle? Can you have goals and meet them this year without having to feel like you need an entirely new you? Listen and see!

Episode Five: Fear and Body Image Issues. Is fear what’s really keeping you stuck? Find out here.

Episode Six: Finding Joy and Overcoming Body Image and Comparison Issues. Do you have joy? Real joy? Could joy be part of the key to unlocking the prison of body image and comparison? We discuss the ways embracing joy can help here.

Episode Seven: Is Comparison Killing You? Oh friend, comparison is a killer. It kills relationships. It kills joy. It kills contentment. How do you know if it’s killing you? Listen to find out.

Episode Eight: How to Find Your Purpose. Purpose can sound so lofty and “amorphous.” How can finding purpose even really help cure my other struggles with body image or comparison? This episode will tie it all together and you may be surprised to find how purpose can be part of the cure.

Episode Nine: What About Leah? Body Image and Comparison in the Rachel & Leah Story. Leah wasn’t hot. Why do so many Bible teachers brush over this truth? Doesn’t it make sense to examine why the God of the universe makes this distinction in the Bible? Fascinating truths here. **RANKED A BEST EPISODE**

Episode Ten: How to Handle Body Image Flare-Ups. So, you’re doing okay. Thinking you’re beating this body image beast and then, boom, stress happens. And all of a sudden you find yourself stressing over your weight or appearance again too. Here’s what to do when the body image beast tries to flare.

Season 2

Episode One: Back to Routine Time: How to Succeed with New Habits & Rhythms. Some seasons naturally inspire us to start new habits and routines -but how do you make them stick? Here are my best tips!

Episode Two: Is Self Love Biblical? You hear it everywhere – “Just love yourself!” But is that biblical? Find out here!

Episode Three: What to Do When You Feel Like You Don’t Fit In? Ever feel like you just didn’t fit in? Feel like you’re struggling to find your place in community? Here are Heather’s best tips for finding your spot and handling emotions surrounding feeling like you don’t fit in!

Episode Four: What You Think About Other People Matters. How’s Your Thought Life? Those secret thoughts about others don’t matter do they? Oh, yes, they do. Here’s why.

Episode Five: How to Hush the Hustle Part 1. “Get your hustle on!” You’ve probably been encouraged to hustle– but what do we sacrifice when we hustle? Here are some thoughts.

Episode Six: How to Hush the Hustle Part 2. Is hustling God’s best for you? Listen and find out!

Episode Seven: Making Peace with Your Body, Interview with Jen DeFrates from Heaven not Harvard. Jen and I talk about military life, homeschooling, and what she’s learned to do when comparison and body image issues bog her down.

Episode Eight: What to Do if You Have CDD–Chronic Disappointment Disorder?  Do you have this “disease?” Are you constantly struggling with contentment? ME too. Here’s how I cured my CDD!

Episode Nine: Bad Hair Cuts and Hair Days: What to Do if You Stress Over Your Hair. Ever get a bad hair cut and feel the stress of body image issues flood back? Here’s how to cope.

Episode Ten: Identity, Depression & Anxiety – Interview with Author Dr. Michelle Bengtson. Awesome advice from Dr. B on handling depression and anxiety!

Episode Eleven: How to Stop Troubleshooting Your Life. Do you view your life as one giant IMPROVEMENT project? Oh friends, let’s not do that. Here’s some wisdom.

Episode Twelve: Aiming to Bless Not Impress, Interview with Author Richella Parham. Great suggestions for handling comparison. Richella and I have a heart-to-heart on our own comparison struggles – as comparison book authors!

Episode Thirteen: The Burden of Busyness Part 1. Why are we so busy anyway? Is your busyness a burden? Here’s how to lift it.

Episode Fourteen: The Burden of Busyness Part 2. Let’s explore some biblical principles to relieve busyness.

Episode Fifteen: Compared to Who? Book Preview– Audio Chapters. There’s no Compared to Who? audiobook – so I’m reading you the introduction and first chapter, here! Take a listen if you haven’t read it.

Season 3

Episode One: New  Year, ReNEWed You. You don’t need a NEW YOU this year. You just need a RENEWED mind!

Episode Two: Real Women, Real Hope: Mindy Picken’s Story How Uncovering Idolatry Changed My Life. Mindy and I discuss body image idolatry and she shares her cool story.

Episode Three: Real Women, Real Hope: Cheri Fletcher’s Story How Discovering My Purpose Helped me Find Freedom. Cheri & I discuss purpose, how it changes over the years, and how to navigate separating your “who” from your “do.”

Episode Four: Real Women, Real Hope: Rebekah Buege’s Story Physical Beauty Can’t Be Your Ultimate Achievement. Rebekah and I talk about how women of ALL sizes struggle with body image.

Episode Five: Real Women, Real Hope: Author Gina Butz on Handling & Accepting Change. Gina and I have a fun discussion on handling change with grace!

Episode Six: Real Women, Real Hope: Erin Kerry on Mental Health, Diets, Marriage, and More. Erin and I talk about dieting craziness, she shares her amazing story, and we give some cool marriage advice too. Fun listen.

Episode Seven: Six Lent Ideas that Don’t Involve Food. If you are ED recovering/recovered – giving up sweets or food for lent may not be best for you. Here are some other ideas.

Episode Eight: Author Christine Hoover on False Allegiances, Comparison, and Following the True King. Christine talks about her amazing new book and we get real about comparison and struggles that everyone — even pastor’s wives– face!

Episode Nine: Real Women, Real Hope: Kristen Maddux on Daughters, Diets, and Modeling Healthy Body Image. Kristen and I talk about the challenge of being addicted to dieting and what that does to our daughters!

Episode Ten: Body the Novel, Helping Sons with Body Image: Interview with Author Sean Coons. Sean and I talk about his cool new novel which takes an interesting and informed look at a woman’s body image struggle. Plus, we talk about helping boys with body image!

Episode Eleven: Changing Focus to See the Presence of God: Abby McDonald interview. Amid the COVID pandemic, Abby and I talk about how to find God in the hard.

Episode Twelve: Quarantine Survival: My Best Homeschooling, Body Image, ED Recovery, Comparison & Anxiety Handling Tips. New to homeschooling? Stressing over things you thought you once had tamed or beaten? Comparing yourself to everyone on socials? This may encourage you during the COVID crisis!

Episode Thirteen: Is Your Quarantine Goal to Deepen Your Faith? Conversation with Author Phylicia Masonheimer. Phylicia and I talk about her brand new book, “Stop Calling Me Beautiful” and how to seek and find God in these unsettling times.

Episode Fourteen: Enough About Me: Interview with Author Jen Oshman. Jen and I talk about how self-focus can distract us from the only source and giver of life! We also talk about how to move from Meology to Theology in your faith!

Episode Fifteen: Quarantine Chronicles with Erin Kerry. Integrative Nutrition Coach Erin Kerry and I talk about all struggles related to quarantine during COVID19 shelter-in-place.

Episode Sixteen: Quarantine Chronicles with Dr. Michelle Bengtson. Neuropsychologist and author of books on depression and anxiety, Dr. Michelle Bengtson and I chat about anxiety and depression related to COVID19 and shelter-in-place. Learn how to help your family and yourself.

Episode Seventeen: Real Women, Real Hope–Erin Todd on How She Found Food Freedom. Tired of following the food rules and being a victim of diet culture? Erin Day has found food freedom and a new way of living and wants to share her newfound freedom with the world. Listen to be inspired!

Episode Eighteen: Jami Amerine on “Well, Girl” and Image. Jami’s an author and artist and mom and all the things. Find out why she still struggles with body image sometimes but how our amazing God is transforming her on this front. And, listen for information on her new book all about body image called, “Well, Girl!”

Episode Nineteen: Body Image, Comparison, & Clutter at Home with Dana White from “A Slob Comes Clean. Dana White and I have an awesome conversation about home organization and our clutter-keeper tendencies that turns into a conversation about body image and comparison. Where these two intersect will amaze you. Listen and be inspired!

Episode Twenty: Real Women, Real Hope: Kassandra Baker. Kassandra is a survivor of an eating disorder and a traumatic brain injury. In this episode, we talk about how eating clean (Orthorexia) didn’t solve her body image issues and how she’s found freedom and is now working one-on-one with women to help them find freedom!

Episode Twenty-One: What’s the Healthiest Way for Me to Lose Weight Interview with Sara Borgstede. Sara and I talk about all things weight loss. For those who truly need help and hope to drop some weight to improve their health — Sara has a great, Christ-centered program that’s focused on the finish line, not on a quick fix.

Episode Twenty-Two: His Lust Issues Aren’t About Your Body with Rachael Gilbert. Rachael and I talk about what to do if your man is battling lust and you feel the impact on your body image. This episode will change your marriage!

Episode Twenty-Three: Body Image and Sexual Abuse, Hope & Healing with Mary DeMuth. Mary shares her powerful testimony of enduring sexual abuse and finding healing (in a non-triggering way). We also talk about how body image issues can stem from abuse, and Mary offers resources for healing!

Episode Twenty-Four: Body Image and Trauma with Jessica Hottle. Today Jessica Hottle and I dig into the concept of trauma and how unhealed trauma can keep us stuck in body image issues and believing lies about our worth.

Episode Twenty-Five: Hate How You Look in Pictures? Help if You Cringe When You See Your Photo. Do you hate how you look in pictures? Instead of convincing you to stay in the photo, this episode will encourage you with strategies to stop obsessing over yourself in photos and how to remember that your real worth far exceeds how you appear in a photo!

Season 4

Episode One: Defeating Comparison in Unexpected Ways. With this story from Psalms, learn how worship could be the key to defeating comparison!

Episode Two: The Idol of Self & Becoming a Wellness Witness: Interview with Kara Osborne. Kara and I talk about her ministry, “Wellness Witness,” and how God set her free from constantly trying to improve her body. This fun episode has lots of nuggets of truth!

Episode Three: Relating as Brothers & Sisters in Christ: Interview with Bronwyn Lea. Today Bronwyn and I talk about the awkwardness of male/female relationships and how we can love and relate to each other as brothers and sisters in Christ.

Episode Four: One Woman Can Change the World: Interview with Ronne Rock. Be encouraged as Ronne and I talk about comparison and finding your purpose. Listen to hear Ronne’s tips for how to take the stress out and rest in God’s plan.

Episode Five: Body Image and Cancer: Walking Through This Unseen Part of the Cancer Journey. In this episode, I talk to my friend, Rachel Czyz about her journey through breast cancer. We visit one aspect of cancer few cover–body image. Rachel and I talk about both the heartache and the redemption she’s experienced through her cancer journey and how she coped with her body’s changes.

Episode Six: Comparison and Social Media: Can Christians Engage in a Healthy Way? In this truth-filled, yet challenging episode, I talk about how social media impacts us and how we, as Christians, should be using it.

Episode Seven: The Upside of Aging with Laurie Davies. Is aging really as bad as advertisements make it seem? Listen to this episode as I talk with Laurie Davies about the positive sides to aging. Stay to the end for GIVEAWAY information!

Episode Eight: Chasing Perfect with Author Alisha Illian. In this episode, we talk about how to rid yourself of the voices that tell you to do more and be more. Learn how to stop comparing and enjoy a light-hearted conversation about whether your daughter should really be watching “The Bachelor.”

Episode Nine: Quitting the Comparison Girl Game with Author Shannon Popkin. What happens in our hearts when we judge others? How can we stop focusing on ourselves and begin to love those around us? Listen to this episode to answer these questions and more!

Episode Ten: How Do I Know if my Teen Has an Eating Disorder? Guest: Counselor Michelle Nietert. How do you talk to your kids about eating disorders, food, and weight when you may still struggle yourself? Listen to this episode to find answers to these questions and more!

Episode Eleven: Food Fixation — A Spiritual Battle with Guest Asheritah Ciuciu. Check out this episode to learn about the spiritual roots of your struggle with food and how to look to Jesus, not the pantry.

Episode Twelve: Food, Attitude & Gratitude. Everything you need to remember to thrive in the 2020 Holiday Season!

Season 5

Episode One: Don’t Go Back to Egypt: How to Keep Making Progress in your Body Image Journey. Today’s episode we’ll look at Isaiah 31 and talk about how to keep making progress so this can be the year you feel free!

Episode Two: Body Image Help for Girl Moms, Mentors, and Ministry Leaders. This episode will encourage every woman and especially girl moms! Executive Director of GEMS (Girls Everywhere Meeting the Savior), Cindy Bultema shares her story of overcoming addictions and eating disorders.

Episode Three: Suffering, Body Image, and Hollywood Standards: Interview with Producer Melissa Kerley. Melissa is a woman on a mission to make faith-based films that inspire thoughtful reflection. Today we talk about enduring suffering, what it’s like to work in an industry that’s focused on image, and her latest film, “Faith Under Fire.”

Episode Four: Falling in Love with God’s Word with Author Brittany Ann. Brittany and I talk about why reading the Bible can be hard, what our obstacles are to doing it regularly, and she shares the inside scoop on her brand new book on the topic! Brittany Ann also shares her story of battling an eating disorder and comparison.

Episode Five: Body Image and Your Marriage with Melissa Clark. Melissa and I tackle how body image impacts our marriage, what happens when we focus too much on how we feel we look, and what to do when your husband’s trying to compliment you-but you don’t agree!

Episode Six: Marriage in the Middle Years with Dorothy Greco. Marriage in the middle years of life poses new and unexpected challenges. Dorothy and I talk about the challenges of physical aging and changing and how that impacts marriages. We also talk about body image and comparison in this stage of marriage!

Episode Seven: A Gospel View of Marriage with Authors Spencer Harmon and Sean Perone. Letters to a Romantic book series Authors Spencer Harmon and Sean Perone talk about the early years of marriage, how to choose a spouse, and how the Gospel can help everyone prepare for a “real” and successful marriage.

Episode Eight: What Diets Really Do to your Body with Alexandra MacKillop. This episode is for EVERY man and woman who has ever had an on-again, off-again relationship with dieting. I talk with an expert on the topic on how to improve your relationship with food.

Episode Nine: Seven Minutes of Scripture: Psalms 103 In this episode I break down a familiar passage of scripture with some powerful lessons for you if you wrestle comparison.

Episode Ten: Confessions of an Over 40 Fitness Instructor with Amy Connell. Fitness instructor Amy Connell and I dish about the secrets your fitness instructor doesn’t want you to know. If you’ve ever thought being a fitness instructor would mean body image freedom, or if you’ve ever secretly longed to be more like your instructor-this episode will be insightful!

Episode Eleven: Transforming Your Thought Life with Sarah Geringer. This amazing conversation with author Sarah Geringer will shed truth and light on what’s really going on in your thought life and how you can change your thoughts to change your life in a biblical way!

Episode Twelve: Women and Pornography–Finding Freedom from Shame with Joy Skarka. Women now account for 1/3 of all porn use. Joy and Heather talk about the rise in use, how women are struggling with shame surrounding this issue, and how to find freedom Plus, we talk about what to do if your husband or boyfriend is using porn.

Episode Thirteen:3 Reasons to Get Rid of Clothes That Don’t Fit Listen to this before you do your spring cleaning because this candid conversation about why we keep clothes that don’t fit will enlighten and inspire you. Are those 4 sizes too small clothes really going to inspire you to lose weight, or are they just causing you shame? This is a must-listen!

Episode Fourteen: Bible Bombshells Lessons from Beautiful Women in the Bible with Rachel Risner. Bible study author, Rachel Risner and I talk about the women in the lineage of Jesus and how God always uses physical beauty for a purpose. Great insights here.

Episode Fifteen: How Body Image Coaching Changed My Life– With Coaching Clients Kim & Angela. Ever wondered what “kind” of people do body image coaching and if you could benefit from it? Listen to Heather’s conversation with 2 coaching clients and hear their amazing stories of change.

Episode Sixteen: Seeing Life Through a Different Lens with Shawna Sullivan. Every decision you make is an investment in something. In this episode, writer Shawna Sullivan gives us a great diagnostic tool to analyze our life choices in light of Jesus’ kingdom.

Episode Seventeen: What the Bible Teaches About Self Esteem, Self Love, and Body Image. Everywhere you look you can find a #selflove or #loveyourself mantra to “encourage” you and help you “improve” your body image. But is self-love really the way? Today, I explore the truth of how self-esteem has impacted us and why self-love may not be biblical.

Episode Eighteen: A Christian College Student on Body Image in Teens and 20s. My intern, Amber, bravely shares her story of struggling with disordered eating and body image issues in high school. In the age of non-stop selfies and social media, she has learned a lot about the way her peers wrestle with body image, comparison, and insecurity.

Episode Nineteen: Why Weren’t We All Created Equally Beautiful? Listener Question. We’re all made in the Image of God (Imago Dei) – so how can there be so much variety in the way we look and how does that result in some people being considered more “beautiful” than others? We’ll explore the layers of this question in depth in this episode.

Episode Twenty: Youtube Star Cambria Joy: The Difference Between Hot and Healthy. Cambria shares her story, when she came to her breaking point with her body image and eating disorder struggles, and what she does now to help women. I also ask Cambria the burning question: What’s the difference between wanting to be hot and healthy?

Episode Twenty-One: Do You Deserve to Wear Shorts? Inspired by Mindy Pickens’ post from a few years ago, today I talk through this hot summer topic. We talk about what makes one “worthy” to wear shorts and why we get stuck believing that we’re not!

Episode Twenty-Two: I’m No Longer a Slave to Food, Featuring Jenny Zentz. Anxiety, depression, weight issues… eating cheeseburgers in bed at midnight… sneaking food and overeating… today’s guest has experienced it all but has found freedom. We also have a candid conversation about food guilt and shame and the truth about where true satisfaction is found.

Episode Twenty-Three: Ginny Owens, Blindness, Body Image, and Singing in the Dark. Today I talk to Ginny about how body image and comparison issues present when you’re blind. We also talk about chasing idols, trying to “live the dream” and feeling restless and exhausted and we have a great discussion about what true rest looks like.

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