Podcast: Body Image and Cancer

by | Sep 30, 2020 | Body Image, Podcast Episodes

Today I talk to my best friend from my teen years, Rachel Czyz, about her journey through breast cancer. We visit one aspect of cancer few cover–body image. It’s a strange concept right? You shouldn’t be worried about how you look when you’re fighting for your life. But, Rachel and I get real about the difficulties involved. We talk about  the heartache and the redemption she’s experienced. We also talk about how she’s coped with her body’s changes throughout her cancer journey, including losing her breasts.

Body image and cancer may be a topic that feels superficial at first. But, I promise you, anyone who’s walked through cancer has wrestled it. If you know someone who’s walked through cancer or are journeying the path yourself, this is a must listen.

Listen here or watch below:

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podcast: body image and cancer with rachel czyz


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