hot or healthy

My guest today is a superstar on YouTube and she’s a sweet, smart, and funny young woman who is poised to help a generation of women rise up and find freedom from body image issues. Her name is Cambria Joy and joy is exactly what she exudes! Cambria and I have a casual and animated conversation about body image issues. She shares her story, when she came to her breaking point with her body image and eating disorder struggles, and what she does now to help women. I also ask Cambria the question I’ve been dying to discuss on this show: What’s the difference between wanting to be hot and healthy? I hear the words “I just want to be healthy” a lot, but sometimes this is code speak for wanting a hot body in order to satisfy body image issues.

Friend – no matter what your age, you’ll get something out of this episode. But, this one may especially resonate with the under 30 crowd, especially if you’ve asked the question: what’s the difference between hot and healthy?

Here’s more about Cambria:

Popular YouTube personality Cambria Joy has a passion for helping others get fit from the inside out. Combining her love of faith and fitness, Cambria helps more than 600,000 YouTube followers lead healthy, God-centered lives. Her debut book is Growing Strong: Workouts, Devotions, and Recipes to Become Healthy from the Inside Out. Cambria lives on the beautiful golden coast of California with her husband, Bo. Visit

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