Podcast: Body Image Help for Girl Moms, Mentors, and Ministry Leaders

by | Jan 11, 2021 | Helping Daughter with Body Image, Podcast Episodes

Today’s show features Cindy Bultema of GEMS.

This must listen episode will encourage every woman and especially girl moms! Executive Director of GEMS (Girls Everywhere Meeting the Savior), Cindy Bultema shares her story of overcoming addictions and eating disorders. She shares candidly how she navigates the world of having friends comment on weight and appearance! You’ll love Cindy’s authenticity and wisdom. Plus: Find out why she thinks we should go on an all fruit diet (Hint-it’s not what you think!) Stay til the end and find out how Cindy navigates the snare to compare even today!

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Learn More About Cindy Bultema:

Cindy Bultema has a powerful testimony of overcoming loss and addiction. Once a young mom who suffered from years of addiction; an eating disorder, and nearly lost her life to a drug overdose, Cindy now is a passionate speaker, author, and Bible teacher, as well as the Executive Director of GEMS (Girls Everywhere Meeting the Savior), a non-profit ministry impacting the lives of girls worldwide.

Cindy lives in West Michigan with her husband, John and their four children. Jesus, coffee, confetti, family, and believing that being real is the only way to live are favorites that fill her day. You may also find her walking her two naughty puppies, who like to make messes and eat the most unusual things.

Cindy Bultema of Gems on girls and body image



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