Podcast: What’s the Healthiest Way for a Christian to Lose Weight? Sara Borgstede

by | May 25, 2020 | Podcast Episodes, Weight Loss

Today on the Compared to Who? Podcast — Sara Borgstede from the Holy Mess and Faithful Finish Lines — and I talk about the healthiest way for a Christian to lose weight.

I’m not a fan of diet culture because popular diets don’t work long term. **2022 update: My understanding of diet culture and the “best way” for weight loss has grown since this episode was recorded. Some of the language here could be triggering for anyone who is trying to avoid all diet talk. But, I believe there is also great value in this episode to hear that even a 100 pound weight loss didn’t “solve” the body image issue for Sara.**

Today I talk to my friend Sara Borgstede who has maintained a 100 lb. weight loss for a long time. Sara helps women who need to lose weight reach their goals in a healthy, Christ-centered, and sustainable ways. We have a fun conversation about the tortoise and the hare, grace versus guilt, and how to truly be healthy from the inside out.

About Sara: Sara Borgstede is a speaker, writer, and 100 pound weight loss success story. She and her husband Mike are parents to 5 children through birth and special needs adoption. When she’s not power napping, find her at her popular website, The Holy Mess.

Check out Sara’s Facebook page.

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healthiest way for a Christian to lose weight


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