Podcast: Making Peace with Your Body: Interview with Jen DeFrates

by | Sep 25, 2019 | Comparison, Podcast Episodes

Today I interview Jen DeFrates of Heaven Not Harvard: Heaven Focused Parenting and Living. Jen and I talk about her story, homeschooling, life as a military spouse, and–of course, body image, comparison, and so much more! Hear Jen talk about how she’s learning to accept the skin she’s in, how she’s journeyed through mean girls, body image, and comparison issues and how she’s learning to make peace with her body!

A bit about Jen:

Jen hopes you’ll find encouragement through what she is learning as a wife, mother, and woman no matter where you are in your spiritual journey.

She was raised in a Christian family. Her father was a licensed reverend and Christian counselor, and her mother was a teacher. She ended up being a mixture of both in many ways. She can’t help but teach others anything she learns, especially because God’s love and grace has saved her so completely, she doesn’t want anyone to miss His message.

She has taught high school English and social studies for 17 years but is taking a few years to just be a wife and mother. She has been an aspiring writer for years, but taking the time to write as a mom was hard, and God putting this on her heart to do came at the right time for her walk with Him and her family. If one person finds her words as a means to grow closer to God, then she has been useful.

She doesn’t want to hold herself up as someone who has all the answers. She just wants to share the perspectives and ideas the Lord is giving her to share. She wants to be pretty transparent (as much as is safe on the internet) and be real. Being a Godly wife and mother is tough, it goes against our nature. She just writes about how those daily challenges bring her to her Bible and closer to Christ.

Download this episode on making peace with your body here!

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Jen DeFrates making peace with your body

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