Author, speaker, blogger Jami Amerine and I talk about her journey to becoming an author and what it took to write her story in her forthcoming body image book, “Well, Girl.” You’ll appreciate Jami’s authenticity as she talks about a struggle we all know well. Don’t miss the last ten minutes-Jami and I discuss something that will change the way you “diet” or think about your food choices, forever I hope!

Jami’s backstory:

Jami was forcibly pushed into blogging, and she LOVES IT! She LOVES, LOVES, LOVES, LOVES IT! She has met and interacted with people all over the world! She has never had so much fun. She is a wife to Justin, and mother to Maggie, John, Luke, Sophie, Sam, and Charlie. They are on a reprieve from foster care as they recover from the removal of a long-term placement.

Jami and her husband, Justin, have a ranch near their home and they love to travel and “just be.” However, they recently relocated to the North Houston. She has a Master’s Degree in Education, Counseling, and Human Development, but don’t let that fool you, she is not sure how she pulled that off. She also has an undergraduate degree in Family and Consumer Sciences (yeah, Home Ec.). She can cook anything, but don’t ask her to sew. So since this journey began she has been featured on numerous occasions on and several other syndications sites including and



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Jami Amerine on her new book: Well, Girl

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