Podcast: Real Women, Real Hope: Kassandra Baker on Orthorexia and How Clean Eating Didn’t Fix Body Image

by | May 21, 2020 | Eating Disorders, Podcast Episodes

Kassandra Baker and I get real about the struggles of eating disorders (or ED as she calls them) and talk about her journey through Orthorexia and how God has shown her a freedom she never thought possible. If you love stories of real women who have found recovery and freedom, this one is for you!

Learn More About Kassandra and her freedom from Orthorexia

She is a Certified Health & Life Coach and Professional Speaker.  She helps women who are trapped in unhealthy habits such as perfectionism, disordered eating, legalism, and people pleasing, so they can break free from dysfunctional behaviors in order to LIVE FREE.

Listen to this episode here or on your favorite podcast player, look for Compared to Who? podcast Season 3, Episode 20.



Connect with Kassandra here!


Real Women, Real Hope: Kassandra Baker and her freedom from Orthorexia

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