Today Jessica Hottle and I dig into the concept of trauma and how unhealed trauma can keep us stuck in body image issues. Whether it’s trauma from a car accident or the mean girls in high school, or something much bigger that’s shaped your life in unimaginable ways–underlying and unacknowledged trauma keeps us stuck in bondage believing lies about our worth. Jessica helps me unpack trauma and body image issues through sharing her story.

Jessica’s story:

Jessica is a faith-based fitness coach, podcast host, speaker, and author. She hates rules, restrictions, and religious duties, and she lives her life by putting God first. She loves to live authentically, with integrity, and in freedom through Christ.

For too long, she let her body be her idol, men become her source of worth and value, and the success of her business to determine her identity and success as a person.

She found freedom from the pain of her past by realizing that her worth isn’t determined by her works, actions, or what has been done to her — her worth is only determined by the love of Jesus going to the cross for her.


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body image and trauma with Jessica Hottle

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