My guest today is my friend Shawna Sullivan. We have a wildly fun conversation about how to start seeing your life differently–through, what Shawna calls, the lens of investment. Now, before you think this is about money or finance–let me encourage you. Today’s show is all about how you live in light of the Gospel. Shawna lived in Manhattan for more than a decade and learned some invaluable lessons about what it means to follow Jesus and make decisions with the ultimate end in mind.
We talk about topics such as:
1) How to assess what’s most important in life, in terms of what we do with our time and energy.
2) How to see your life, your activities, and your choices through the lens of God’s kingdom.
3) Why taking care of your temple doesn’t mean you have to be “hot” for Jesus.
4) What it means to be a disciple maker and how simple but impactful that can be!
5) How to find the true makeover story in our own stories.

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Shawna is a mother, home educator, andchauffeurto four children. She and her husband love encouraging others to live intentionally, embrace adventure, and find joy in a life surrendered to the mission of Christ. When she is not writing or teaching her own children, she teaches a class of 8th graders and loves to play tennis.

Now back in Texas after 13 years in New York, she will never take a backyard, time with family, air conditioning, or her own laundry room for granted. Shawna writes regularly on her website, sharing truth-filled encouragement and practical ways to find a fulfilling life by investing in that which is truly valuable. She sends out a newsletter, entitled First Things First, and you can find her published article in a recent issue of The Joyful Life Magazine.

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