What does dieting show our daughters? How can we model a healthy body image for them?

In this episode, I talk to my friend, Compared to Who? contributor Kristen Maddux about her journey from being the “Best Dieter” in her Weight Watchers group to adjusting her lifestyle and beliefs because her daughter was watching. The episode ends with three ways to model a healthy body image for your daughter. Listen until the end for these great tips!

Here’s more about Kristen:

Kristen Maddux lives in St. Petersburg, FL and takes any chance she gets to go to Disney World. She loves creativity of all kinds, and words–whether that’s diving into a good book, watching old movies, writing out her thoughts, being involved in theater (or just meeting up with friends and talking a lot!). Married to her college sweetheart, they have a twelve-year-old daughter and a goldendoodle puppy. She is loves decorating their home, and is passionate about becoming the kind of wife and mother who lives in balance with food and acceptance of her body. She hopes to encourage others on that journey as well. Read Kristen’s posts here.

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