Podcast: Is Your Quarantine Goal to Deepen Your Faith? Conversation with Author Phylicia Masonheimer

by | Apr 3, 2020 | Christian Living, Podcast Episodes, Trusting God

Today I chat (from quarantine) with Phylicia Masonheimer author of a brand new book, “Stop Calling Me Beautiful: Finding Soul-Deep Strength in a Skin-Deep World.” We talk about how to REALLY trust God in the midst of crisis, how to deepen your faith, and how to make anger and discontent dissipate when you learn to trust the Lord.

A little about Phylicia and her blog:

Phylicia grew up in a Christian home. She knew all the Christianese, but she didn’t know why she believed it – or how it applied to her life. It wasn’t until college (Liberty University) that she realized what the gospel was meant to do. The gospel is meant to transform how we view the world: How we think, act, date, love, work, marry, and parent. Following Christ is a daily forward motion into the heart of God.

As her walk with God deepened, she sought answers to the tough questions her millennial peers were asking. These questions were about everything: Alcohol, dating, marriage, gay rights, and politics, and she wrote about what she found. And through a secret struggle with lust, she came to understand she was only as safe from sin as she was close to Christ. Today, she is still finding biblical answers to cultural questions.

Her goal as a teacher? To teach you how to discern truth, discuss the deep stuff, and be driven to accomplish the will of God.



Learn more about Phylicia here!

Phylicia Masonheimer

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