Best-selling author and speaker, Asheritah Ciuciu talks about the struggle with food fixation and its spiritual roots in this fun and informative episode. Listen as Asheritah explains her prayer asking God to be her “divide dietician” and how she’s learning to hit her knees before hitting the pantry. This episode on food fixation is one episode you’ll want to share with a friend.

A little more about Asheritah: 

Asheritah is a bestselling author, national speaker, and missional entrepreneur. She’s also a wife and mom, daughter, sister, and friend. And she’s a recovering perfectionist.

Growing up in church, she thought spending time with Jesus meant an hour alone each day to study and pray—and this formulaic approach got harder to maintain the fuller her life became. But she has learned that Jesus welcomes us to come to Him… messy bun, sticky hands, crumby floors and all. And her greatest mission is to help busy women find joy in Jesus—right where they are.

Listen to the full episode on food fixation or watch below:


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Podcast: food fixation is a spiritual battle


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