Today I talk to my friend, Mary DeMuth – she’s written dozens of books on a variety of topics – and we talk about several of them! Mary has a powerful testimony of enduring sexual abuse and shares her journey to find healing, what’s helped her along the way, and resources she’s created to help others who have suffered in this way and want to find healing from sexual abuse. We also talk about how body image issues can stem from sexual abuse and Mary’s brand new resource created to help anyone looking for healing or looking to help those who want healing from things in their past. (Note: I believe we discuss Mary’s story in a non-triggering way.)

Things to know about Mary:

She loves Jesus. And really that’s the most important thing about her. It’s not writing or speaking or praying or mommying or any other -ing you can find. She flat out loves Him. Why? Because He’s amazing. And He has utterly, truly, completely re-storied her…

In her spare (ha!) time, she loves to cook, garden, decorate and design. She enjoys running, and has completed three sprint triathlons (and survived!) along with a half marathon. She is passionate about the underdog, the oppressed, and those who don’t have a voice. She is particularly upset about celebrity Christianity and ministries that spiritually abuse others.



Learn more about Mary and her journey of healing from sexual abuse here!


Body Image and Sexual Abuse: Hope and Healing