Podcast Season 1 Ep 1, What is Compared to Who?

by | Jan 3, 2019 | Podcast Episodes, Uncategorized

In the first episode of Compared to Who? the podcast, I explain a little bit more of the heart and purpose of Compared to Who?’s ministry. I also try to explain what is different about Compared to Who? and how our perspective is a little different than some other groups–even Christian groups–when it comes to body image and how the Bible informs this issue.

(Update: I’ve received a little criticism on this issue for calling out “so-called” Christians who “don’t follow the Bible’s teaching” — But I hope you can understand that, from my perspective, a Christ-follower does and will follow the Bible’s teaching. I certainly don’t want to sound snarky–not my heart at all. Rather, I want to be clear that, though we can differ on our interpretations of God’s word — if the Bible isn’t informing our teaching than I don’t think we should call it Christian.)

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