About Compared to Who?

This a blog is for women who want to be free from the struggle of always trying to be better.

Do you ever:

  • Struggle with your physical appearance: be it body image, appearance or weight issues?
  • Wrestle feelings that you just aren’t doing enough or “being” enough?
  • Doubt your value or worth?
  • Feel like you just can’t “keep up” with all that is expected of you?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

Watch this video and I’ll tell you more (or you can read more about it below!)

At Compared to Who, women come together to do three things:

Be Honest About Our Struggles

More than 90% of females (some studies show more) have some level of discontent with their physical bodies. Real healing and growth happens when we’re honest about the ways we struggle. When we can see that our challenges are common we are less likely to believe the enemy’s lies.

Be Brave in Searching the Gospel for Answers

God’s word has the answer to every struggle we have here on the earth. Sometimes, when we’re in the thick of our struggle, they’re not as easy to see. I hope this blog will encourage you with Gospel-centered answers to your body image or other comparison issues.

Be Supportive of Each Other’s Journey

C.S. Lewis said that friendship starts when you realize someone else is just like you. (My paraphrase.) Through this community I hope you’ll find connection and encouragement to keep fighting. Consider this your heart’s “gym” to workout your faith and grow in Christ-centered confidence of your love and tremendous value–regardless of your size or shape.

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