Podcast: Aiming to Bless Not Impress: Interview with Comparison Book Author Richella Parham

by | Nov 4, 2019 | Comparison, Podcast Episodes

When you interact with others do you want to bless them or impress them? Heather Creekmore and author of a new book on comparison, Richella Parham have a fantastic discussion about how they’ve both struggled with comparison and body image. Don’t miss the second half of this extended length episode where we unlock the secret to blessing not impressing!

Highlights from today’s episode:

  • Find out how Richella’s husband uncovered the truth of constant comparison in her life, and how she reacted!
  • Find out how Richella’s rare disease impacted her body image and the ways she struggled with comparison.
  • Learn what you can do to “Bless not impress” when you’re entertaining and ALL the time! (Even during the holidays!)
  • Listen in as two authors of books on comparison talk about how crazy cool it is that God has given us each a unique voice–even if we’re talking about the same issue.

Links from today’s show:

Richella’s blog: Imparting Grace

Richella’s book, “Mythical Me: Finding Freedom from Constant Comparison.” If you purchase Mythical Me, Richella would love to give you a companion prayer guide called Journeying Together. It’s available as a free download at MythicalMeBook.com.

Want to connect with Richella? Connect here on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest.

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Listen to the show here:

Or, listen on iTunes here.

Meet Richella:

Richella Parham is a speaker, author of Mythical Me: Finding Freedom from Constant Comparison and A Spiritual Formation Primer, and the founder of ImpartingGrace.com. A former teacher and small business owner, Richella is Vice Chairman of the Board and a member of the Ministry Team for Renovaré, a ministry advocating, resourcing, and modeling formation into Christlikeness. By speaking and blogging about the Trinity’s vast grace, Richella humbly guides others to a greater understanding of the goodness and trustworthiness of God. Residing in North Carolina with her husband of 34 years, she is the mother of three young adult sons.

Through her keynotes, workshops, social media platforms, and community outreach, Richella works to dismantle preconceived myths about identity and worth, clearing a path for people to surrender to a compassionate God.

Okay, that’s her official bio.

But until recently she may have introduced herself like this:

  • I’ve been married for 34 years (but that’s nothing compared to my friend Libby who’s been married for 45).
  • I have three wonderful children (but I didn’t do as good a job rearing my kids as my friend Sheana did).
  • I’m a blogger and a writer (but I don’t have a huge following like my friend Emily).
  • I’m a fervent preacher (but I don’t have a seminary degree like my friend Mark).
  • I was valedictorian of my college class (but I didn’t go to a top-flight college like my friend Bill).

As Richella walks a new path of freedom from constantly comparing myself with others, she is passionate about sharing the message that there is a way of escape from the comparison trap!

Richella Parham headshot 1.jpg

Here are a few other links from today’s show:

Compared to Who? Book

Compared to Who? Patreon– Support this podcast here!


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