Season 3, Episode 3

Today’s guest struggled with body image and comparison and used to feel like she was “just” a mom . . .until God showed her something kind of amazing about that word “just.” Hear Cheri Fletcher’s story of discovering her purpose and how she’s helping teens create a “Spiritual Game Plan” so they’re ready for whatever life throws their way.

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Cheri lives in Auburn WA with her husband Todd.  They are new to empty nest and are enjoying being able to take spontaneous dates and getaways.  Cheri has served and is still serving in her community for the last 17 years with youth ministries, mentoring and women’s ministries.

Cheri knows the sting of the words  Just A added to the title. For her it was the title of Stay At Home mom.  She often added it herself.  Questioning her value often took the joy she had always thought being a stay at home mom would bring.

It is the passion of her heart for mom’s to understand that God created them to be Just The mom, Just The wife, Just The women He needs. Our Value is more than Just A role.

Our roles will change, but our purpose is eternal. As well as working in women’s ministry, Cheri works with the youth in her community. Her work with youth has lead her to develop a program that her church school has implemented for 14 years.  It is called Spiritual Game Plan. Having the hard discussions with kids about the topics they actually want to talk to parents about is a passion of hers.  You can find the download  “Six Hard Topics Our Kids Want Us To Have With Them”   on her website under the tab Game Plan.  You can listen to the podcast interviews on her blog page regarding the Spiritual Game Plan. Connect with Cheri here: Learn more about Spiritual Game Plan here.

You can learn more about Cheri’s school and how she gave away copies of Compared to Who? here. Read Cheri’s other post, “Finding Comfort in the Act of Comparison” for Compared to Who? here.

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