Podcast: Changing Focus to See the Presence of God: Abby McDonald Interview

by | Mar 24, 2020 | Podcast Episodes, Trusting God

As we’re thrust into uncertain times, we need to see the presence of God in our crazy world, now more than ever! Today I talk to author Abby McDonald. Her brand new book titled, “Shift” is about just that – Changing our focus to see the presence of God! Abby and I talk about dealing with the uncertainty we’re living in now thanks to COVID-19, and how to take courage in God’s truth. We also talk about her struggle with body image after babies and how having a daughter helped her see things differently.

Here’s a little about Abby:

She is a wife and a mom of two very energetic boys and one sweet baby girl. Although she is a southerner by birth, she has become somewhat of a gypsy since marriage, traveling across the country twice and being stretched with each move.

She is also a writer, an avid reader, a photography lover, and a drinker of copious amounts of coffee. She loves curling up with a good book and a cup of coffee by the woodstove, and finds herself most at home surrounded by mountains. But most of all, she is a child of God. He is her life, her breath, the reason why she gets up every morning, and the reason why she writes.

Changing Focus to See the Presence of God. Listen now:


Learn more about Abby McDonald here!

Changing our focus to see the presence of God

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