Today Heather is joined by one of her favorite guests, eating disorder expert, dietitian, and biblical truth seeker, Amy Carlson. Amy and Heather dig into some of the messaging around food that they’ve observed floating around from Christian content creators. Today, the duo gets real and analyzes some of these messages. With an MS in Nutrition and more than twenty-five years of experience working with women with eating disorders and disordered eating, Amy challenges us to think about God as being with us on our eating journey instead of against us. A lot of the messaging around food coming at Christians casts food as “temptation” or “evil,” but today’s conversation looks at how God really intended us to relate to food and why demonizing food is not the best way to find a healthier relationship with it. Instead, we can invite God into this space and into our relationship and struggles with food.

Heather and Amy also discuss the dangers in using Bible verses and stories to support disordered eating habits. Amy vulnerably shares how scripture played a role in her own journey into an eating disorder and how confusing and dangerous it can be to miss the context and goal of God’s word and verses like, “commit your ways to the Lord and your plans will succeed” and twist it into a message of disordered eating.

You’re going to need to listen to this one twice! Get ready for a thought-provoking episode that just may challenge you to think about your relationship with food in a different way. Whether you’ve had a restriction-based eating disorder, or wrestling binge eating, if you’ve dieted all your life, or never been sure of how to handle food in a God-honoring way, this episode will encourage you. If it does, please leave a review.

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