This is part one of a two part interview with one of our favorite non-diet dietitians and eating disorder specialists, Amy Carlson. Amy and Heather tackle the topics of good foods and bad foods from a biblical perspective. They dig into Romans 14 where Paul addresses the distinctions the believers in Rome have in the ways they eat and what they abstain from eating. Amy and Heather break down applications from this passage to our modern day food rules and labels. You will be amazed at how much scripture has to say about what we can eat and how we can make the most God-honoring choices around food.

Do you struggle not to think in terms of “good foods” or “bad foods”?

Modern food rules are man-made rules, based on scientific “truths” that are constantly changing or being disproven. Only God’s Truth remains the same. As we consider how to best care for our bodies, remembering that God’s Truth reigns supreme gives us the freedom to make wise choices based on how God created us, not what diet fad seems to be “working” for people we know. Heather and Amy break down what God says about our eating versus what culture calls good and bad foods today!

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