Today’s show explores the one muscle in our body most of us never think about exercising, our pelvic floor! We talk about how this little set of muscles has all of your organs resting on it and how many of the issues women experience, from peeing a little when you sneeze to frequent bathroom trips, to posture problems or back pain, could all be related to pelvic floor dysfunction! Guess what: It’s not about Kegels!! This isn’t your typical episode of Compared to Who? but today, I tackle this physical issue, how it relates to body image and relationship issues, and much more. You will be amazed at the connection!

Jenn Lormand, an experienced exercise physiologist from Tighten Your Tinkler (silly name but serious results) joins me to talk about all the different ways having a weak pelvic floor may be affecting your life, your marriage, and your ability to feel comfortable and confident in your body. Here are some of the topics we explore today:

*How you can feel broken when things “down there” aren’t functioning like they should (or aren’t reliable!)

*How hip pain, back pain, neck pain, bunions and posture issues can all connect with a weak pelvic floor!

*We define prolapse–a condition that affects many women and comes in numbered stages.

*We discuss how women recovering or recovered from bulimia or over-exercising may especially feel the affects in their pelvic floor.

*Jenn assures Heather that peeing when you cough, sneeze, or while exercising isn’t a normal and necessary part of aging–and that there is a way to stop without surgery!

*How the Tighten Your Tinkler signature program gets you safely exercising and working on strengthening your pelvic floor muscles!

*We talk about how this is one set of muscles that no one sees–yet ignoring them could cause big problems for the rest of your body!

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