This engaging and fun interview with Amy Carlson–an RD and Eating Disorder specialist for more than twenty years–will make you smile and encourage your heart. We have a straight talk about what to do if you walk away from the doctor’s office (or anywhere) feeling like you have a mandate to lose weight. Plus, Amy answers the question, “What if I really need to lose weight, or want to? How can I be non-diet or not use diets if I really need to drop some pounds for my health!”

We also talk about how to have a “normal” relationship with food. This conversation goes in so many fun places – I had to make it two episodes! Don’t miss the second part on Tuesday because it will encourage your heart.

Today we talk about:

  • “The Holy Grail of Weight Loss” – How an older, more mature dietician gave Amy this surprising secret!
  • What to do if getting weighed at the doctor is a stressor for you.
  • How to understand where your doctor is coming from if your only mandate is weight loss.
  • How to become an expert on your own body, plus
  • Some of the unfortunate things we’ve done in the church that put too much emphasis on weight loss . . .

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Do you REALLY need to lose weight? Listen now!