This is part 2 of a conversation with Amy Carlson, MS, RD, LD on the topic of fasting. In the last episode we discussed whether or not someone with an eating disorder or recovering from an eating disorder should try fasting and what the dangers and challenges are surrounding that. Today, we dig deeper into scripture. We look at the Daniel Fast, Sugar Fasts, and uncover the truth about biblical fasting and answer the question: Should Christians who have had an eating disorder or disordered eating fast?

Yes, fasting is a spiritual discipline and a biblical concept.

Listen to part one of this interview here titled: Should I fast if I had an eating disorder or suffer from disordered eating?

Should Christians With An Eating Disorder Past Do the Daniel Fast or a Sugar Fast?

But, today Amy and I look at the ways in which we may have distorted the beauty of fasting to seek God’s face and replaced it with fasting to get skinny or have smoother skin. We discuss the ways in which fasting has been co-opted by Diet Culture and how there are better words and concepts we should use if we want to talk about cutting certain items out of our diets or lives–words that don’t obstruct the sacredness of the concept of fasting.

Amy and I start this episode by digging in where we left off last time — examining Daniel 1:15 in the ESV that talks about how Daniel and friends were “fatter in appearance” after their 10 day fast. We look at the miracle of this, what we misinterpret about this passage, and why Christians should think twice before trying to eat like Daniel or interpreting this passage as a biblical instruction for how to eat now.

We also talk about sugar fasts and how they may make your body look good but can be harmful for those who still don’t have a healthy relationship with all foods. If you’re trying to recover from an eating disorder or stuck in the rut of feeling afraid of certain foods, a sugar fast could put you on the wrong track.

Here are some of the passages we look at in today’s show about fasting, Christians and the practice of fasting, and biblical fasts:

Isaiah 58 – the whole chapter is on fasting but Amy digs in to verses 5-11 especially.

Daniel 1 – the entire story of Daniel and his friends in the palace and their experience with refraining from the king’s food.

Matthew 6:16 – a verse on how to not look like the Pharisees when you fast.

Link to the book Heather referenced on fasting, Fasting by Scot McKnight (Amazon affiliate link)

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