Sugar fasts. Daniel fasts. Lenten fasts. Churchwide fasts. Intermittent fasting. There is so much talk about fasting in our culture today, that it can become confusing to figure out what the Bible says about fasting versus what our culture (and Diet Culture) teaches about its role. Today, Amy Carlson, MS, RD, LD – a registered, non-diet dietician and I talk about all things fasting. We tackle some BIG questions and leave you to do some heart searching and questioning too. Heather shares her hilarious adventures with sugar fasting and Lent, but also talks about what happens when she tries to fast with her church because of her eating disorder history.

This is a must-listen, paradigm changing episode.

The big topic in this episode (part 1 of 2) is the question: Should I fast if I had an eating disorder?

Amy and Heather also talk about the following:

  • What is the biblical definition and purpose for fasting.
  • Why much of what we call “fasting” may actually be dieting for Jesus.
  • How to know if fasting is triggering you to go back to ED behaviors.
  • How to know if you can fast after recovery and ways to make sure it doesn’t trigger a relapse.
  • What the Bible REALLY teaches us about fasting (especially in Daniel)

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is it okay to fast if recovering from eating disorder