Do I Need More Self-Control to Stop Eating? Feat. Amy Carlson, RD

by | May 24, 2022 | Dieting, Intuitive Eating for Christian Women, Podcast Episodes

Do we need more self-control to stop eating? That’s what many of us have believed. In this part two of a conversation between Heather Creekmore and Amy Carlson, RD — we break down the spiritual fallacies surrounding applying self-control to wanting to be a “better dieter.” Amy and Heather talk about the heart problems surrounding our desire to control our bodies through restricting food and what’s really under the surface when we talk about needing more “self-control” to not eat foods we deem may make us gain weight.

Here are some other topics we hit in today’s episode: Do I Need More Self Control to Stop Eating:

  • What is the real appetite that requires self-control? Is it our desire for food or is it our desire to satisfy our own desires–what I “want” for my body?
  • Why self control to stop eating is a dangerous and distorted version of the Bible’s self control
  • How we reinforce the messages of diet culture in the church when we equate purity, holiness, and sanctification to being able to say no to dessert.
  • We talk about how rattling it is for women who have been immersed in diet culture to recognize the truth of scripture from the lies of the dieting world.
  • We discuss how we subtly fall into the trap of desiring self-worship when we want to change our body size through food restriction.
  • If self-control isn’t what we need to have better “control” of our eating (or to stop eating)-then what can we do? What should we be praying for instead?
  • How we can change the conversation around food and body image issues by pushing back on some of these beliefs that have been taught even in the church and asking ourselves if the intent of scripture has been twisted to teach the gospel of diet culture instead of the true gospel–the good news!

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do I need more self control to stop eating

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