This is part two of a two part interview with one of our favorite non-diet dietitians and eating disorder specialists, Amy Carlson.

Today, Amy and Heather look at Romans 14 and what God has to say about food rules. In the passage, Paul breaks down how some of the Christian Jews still feel obligated to follow Jewish food rules. He also talks about how we can, in the most loving way possible, interact with people who keep food rules and how to refrain from judging or causing division among ourselves around food issues. There are many practical applications from this passage in Romans 14 for those of us who live in a culture where eating a certain way is also important to social status or can cause others to judge. Take a listen to the similarities and let us know what you think!

Romans 14 is truly a passage where Christians can learn how to love each other well and take their focus off the good foods and bad foods to share the table Jesus sets before us.

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