Do we want to be hot or holy? Your answer may be: Both! But the pursuit of a hotter body and the pursuit of looking more like Jesus can sometimes be competing interests. Of course, our pursuit of beauty isn’t something to be ashamed of. We’ve been programmed to believe that our value is based on our appearance or connected to how we look. It takes a lot of faith and trust in God to break free from the world’s economy of beauty. On today’s show, we talk about how shifting our greatest pursuit to holiness instead of the culture’s definition of beauty can transform our lives and feel the freedom in Christ that we long for. If you struggle with wanting to be hot more than you want to be holy, today’s show is for you!

Here’s where we go today as we discuss pursuing being hot or holy:

  • How do we truly desire to be more like Jesus?
  • How do we free ourselves from the mindset that an improved physical appearance gives us the most value?
  • Does Hot or Holy have to be a choice?
  • How do we focus on making our hearts more beautiful when culture tells us our greatest need is a better body?
  • What does Jesus really ask of us in the arena of pursuing holiness?
  • The Catholic Litany of Humility – and its amazing reminders of how to lay down our desires to pursue recognition, glory, praise and worship for ourselves in order to keep our focus on worshipping Jesus.
  • Erin Todd’s “A Former Dieters Prayer for Humility” – Erin does an amazing job re-writing the original to speak to each of the issues we face in the body image/dieting/wellness realm. Print it somewhere you can read it daily!

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