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Helping You Find Healing & Hope for Your Body Image Issues.

Body Image Issues

Whether you’ve struggled with the scale and the mirror for days or decades, I’d love to walk with you on a journey to new freedom. My approach is based in the truth of scripture. I call it coaching, but it’s more like discipleship. We’ll uncover the areas where you are “stuck” in relating to your body, and look for solutions from God’s truth.

Beating Comparison

Let’s be honest, most of us who struggle with body image, struggle with comparing ourselves to others or comparing ourselves to some “ideal” version of who we think we should be. In our work together we’ll find the roots and strongholds related to your comparison battle and apply the truth of scripture to help you find freedom.

Helping You Find Freedom!

You don’t have to fight body image issues alone.

You’ve tried the diets. You’ve tried the workout plans. 

Now try something different.

After all, isn’t the definition of insanity doing the same thing over and again and expecting different results?

How would your life look if you were free from body image bondage?


Improved body image leads to better relationships.

How would it feel to be free from the dieting cycle?

Freedom from comparison frees you to pursue God's purpose.

Body image issues are passed on to children. That's another reason to find freedom.

Our Target: Body Image Freedom

Our main target will be to uncover the spiritual roots of your body image issues. We’ll study God’s word, listen to sermons and journey together to find the places where you may be stuck.

Relationship Coaching

Body image issues often spill over into other areas of our lives–including marriage, dating, relationships, friendships, and parenting. We’ll look at each of these applicable areas as we work together to help you find freedom.

Stress Management

Let’s be honest, when you struggle with body image issues-there’s a lot of stress. You stress over your food. You stress over exercise. You stress over your rules, what you wear, what people think of you. If you’re ready to STRESS LESS over these things, coaching may be for you!

Tool Kit

One of the goals of coaching is to equip you to battle on your own after the coaching season is done. You’ll leave coaching with a tool kit you can use to continue to fight and win your body image battles for life.

What Is Body Image Coaching?
Who is Coaching For?

Body image coaching is for every woman who is tired of obsessing over her appearance and ready to live a life free from stress over every pound or wrinkle. My ideal client is between the ages of 20 and 70. (You’re never too old to find freedom.) She’s tried all the diets and believed that she would someday be free of body image issues when she lost the weight or turned a certain age. My ideal client is a follower of Jesus, believes his Word is truth, and is looking for spiritually-rooted truth and solutions to her body image issues.

You never grow out of body image issues.

I’ve had the pleasure of coaching many women over the age of 60 who, after decades of dieting, were ready to find a better way to stop stressing over the scale and their appearance. We’ve had great success in changing lifelong patterns of thinking and behaving.

Body Image Issues Don't Go Away When You Get the Body You've Dreamed Of.

Most of us believe the lie that if we just looked like we wanted to look, then we’d be free not to stress over body image anymore. But, it doesn’t work that way. Body image issues don’t release you when you reach your goal weight, get the plastic surgery, or achieve the look you thought would bring you freedom. If you’ve found this to be true-coaching is for you.

Our Children are Watching

More is caught than taught when it comes to helping our children navigate body image issues. Even boys are struggling now at rates previously unheard of. If you have no other motivation to get free from the cycle of body shame, constant dieting, or body obsession–do it for your children.

Your Husband Will Approve

Even if you’ve never talked to your husband about your body image issues, there’s a good chance they’ve had an impact on your marriage. Whether it’s arguing with him when he tries to compliment you or refusing to be intimate because you feel fat, body image coaching can and will positively impact your marriage.

Seeing This Issue Spiritually Changes Everything

This coaching course is different than anything else out there. Heather is not a psychologist, counselor, or dietician. She’s just a woman with a passion for helping others find the spiritual roots of body image issues and break free. Think of his coaching as mentorship or discipleship. Heather will lead you with spiritual truth and wisdom to help you break free from the shame, guilt, and condemnation body image issues bring.

About Me

I’m an author, speaker and host of the Compared to Who? podcast and I’m on a mission to see women set free from body image issues and body shame.

I’ve been coaching women for four years, since the release of my first book, “Compared to Who?” It’s been an honor to work with more than 100 women and watch God begin a journey to body image freedom in their lives.

I’m a pastor’s wife, a homeschooling mom of four, and a former fitness instructor– a title I acquired because I thought it would somehow fix my body image issues. I’ve worn 5 different sizes in the last 15 years and feel more freedom now, wearing a larger size, than I did when I wore the smaller.

I’ve tried every diet, and bought every fitness gadget. I’m still sometimes tempted by the magic diet pills that promise a new body in 30 days. But, I know that my real battle is the battle to believe that my worth and value come through Christ alone–and that no size or body “achievement” can bring me the peace and rest that He does.

I’m just a real woman, who’s fought a real body image battle and found some victory. It’d be an honor to share what I’ve learned with you and to help you find new freedom. Send me a message if you’d like to know more.



“This is one of the few times I’ve paid for a program and I’m fully satisfied. I’m pleasantly surprised and encouraged by the work we’ve done.”   

“I love my counselor but I’m so glad I paid for this. It was so much more valuable. This was exactly what I needed.” 

“My husband can see the difference. He said it’s like I’m finally able to relax and just be me. What a gift to our marriage.”

“This personal training is absolutely one of the best and most beneficial things I have ever done! Every time I talk to Heather, I learn. Coaching is worth every dollar!”   

It was great to hear Heather’s stories and how so many stories were similar to mine. It helps to get to know someone who has “been there, done that” and has come out on the other side of it. Heather always pointed me back to Christ and encouraged me to dig deep and think about the heart of the issue (not just fix the symptoms).” 

Heather is a real woman who openly, honestly and humorously shares her struggles with body issues and helps find path to overcome themI rated my struggles as a “1”on a scale of 1-to-10 (awful) at the beginning of our session. After our six weeks I feel like I’m a “7”or even an “8”, on my way to freedom.

“I’m literally amazed. I’ve been ‘working’ on these issues for years, but no one has ever showed me truth in the same way you have. Thank you, Heather, for your willingness to walk with me through this trial and for showing me the path to freedom!” 

 “It has been God’s gift to me to bring me freedom from an almost life-long struggle in the area of body image. Heather came alongside me, took my hand, and walked with me down the road to freedom she herself had walked down, pointing me to Christ and the Gospel and the freedom He died to give me. She skillfully directed my gaze off of myself and onto my Savior and His precious work on the Cross on my behalf, using the application of the Gospel to demolish body-image idolatry...”

As a result of this training, I have a new sense of identity that is found in Christ and not rooted in my body image or in the approval of others and it’s a glorious feeling.”

Other Christian Body Image Resources

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Compared to Who? Podcast

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Not Sure if You Battle Body Image?

Body Image issues are sneaky! If you’re not sure if you battle body image, start with taking the body image quiz for Christian women, here.

If you’re ready to ditch diets, find freedom from the opinion of the mirror and scale (and other people), and find the joy to “just be” in your body–then reserve your time with Heather. 

There’s no commitment required, but body image issues that have developed over decades won’t be cured in one call. Consider planning for 6-8 sessions. These can be spread out over weeks or months.

Heather’s goal is to see you get free. If that happens in less than 6 sessions, she’ll cheer with you!

But, when you commit to working with Heather for a period of four weeks or longer, you’ll have access to ask her questions along the way, between appointments. Heather is your personal trainer, your guide, your mentor–so you’re encouraged to reach out as need be between sessions.

Find out more when you click the “make an appointment” button.

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