Ready to feel lighter this summer and not so weighed down by body image issues? In today’s episode, Heather shares the first several tips of this 2 part, the “20 Ways to Feel Lighter” episode. These tips aren’t dieting or exercise tricks. Instead, they are things that you can do to help you feel better in your body, all summer (and all year) long. These aren’t expensive or time-consuming, but they can help you feel better on vacation, at the pool, beach, or lake, or wherever summer life takes you. Plus, many of these principles can be used to help you stay feeling more confident and less focused on your own body, all year long.

Looking to Feel Lighter This Summer Without Weight Loss?

  • What daily habits could help you keep your definition of beauty aligned with God’s word instead of the World?
  • Easy hacks for helping your body feel better, and to help you not feel so conscious about it.
  • How it is possible to feel lighter this summer, even if your weight or size doesn’t change before vacation or that pool party!
  • Don’t miss the most important hack about cleaning out your closet or the lessons we learn from Rachel and Leah.

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feel lighter this summer without weight loss