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Rachel, Leah, and Comparison:

Rachel and Leah, the iconic Bible story of two sisters with a giant sibling rivalry, has some hidden truths about body image and comparison. Grab your Bible, turn to Genesis 29 and get ready to see this story in a whole new way. God created both Rachel and Leah, right? But, it’s hard to think that God would give one woman more physical beauty than another, especially in the same family. It almost seems unfair, doesn’t it? How could a good God make one sister hot and one sister not?

Friend, if you have EVER struggled with wondering if you’re pretty “enough” or if you’ve ever compared yourself to another woman and asked, “Why, God? Why!” This episode is a must listen.

God’s truth applied to our body image, and made relatable for every woman. That’s what you’ll find in this episode. I hope you’ll take a listen.

For every woman who’s ever hoped to be Rachel, not Leah, here’s some amazing truth. Read more on this topic here and here.

Listen to this episode here on iTunes or search for the Compared to Who? podcast on our favorite podcast player and find Season 1, Episode 9 called “What about Leah? Body Image and Comparison Lessons from the Rachel and Leah Story! 

Or, check out Heather’s book on the topic of body image, Compared to Who?, or one of the best new Christian books on the topic of comparison, The Burden of Better.

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