Does dieting cause weight gain? Are there “truths” we’ve learned about food and diet that may not be “true” after all? This interview with my friends Erin Todd and Char-Lee Cassel–hosts of the Intuitive Eating for Christian Women Podcast will open your eyes to a new way of thinking about food in light of scripture and the Gospel!

Today we work our way through my questions and the big take aways from the interviews I’ve done with non-diet dietitians through the Fall. Char Lee is a registered dietician and exercise physiologist. Erin is an attorney by day and a food freedom fighter by night. Both of these women are passionate about helping others find freedom from diet culture, food obsession, and eating disorders. You’ll want to take notes on what we talk about today. It’s that good!

Today we discuss:

  • How dieting leads to weight gain.
  • Correlation versus causation–why body size may not be responsible for health problems.
  • What HAES stands for and how all the science means nothing without the Gospel.
  • How using food to come with trauma may be something to be thankful for.
  • What Body Image idolatry means and how it keeps us stuck in diet culture.

Connect with Erin here and Char-Lee here and listen to their podcast and find their phenomenal resources (including that guide they have to get started!) here!

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