Do you know so much about diets, calories, macros and food that the thought of talking to a dietician seems a little unnecessary? What more could you possibly learn about food and how to eat? But, today I start a podcast series talking to a specific group of Christian dietitians who are “non-diet” dietitians.

These women are trained and licensed dietitians who have committed their work to helping women break free from issues with food and eating disorders. Today, my guest is Tracy Brown. Her work specializes in helping women who have trauma (known or unknown) and helping them break free from the way it keeps them stuck in eating disorder behaviors.

Highlights from today’s show about body image and trauma include:

  • Tracy talks about how we need to be professors of our own experience with food.
  • Tracy shares how overtime there is a food binge or “grabbiness” there’s usually a food deficit somewhere earlier in the day.
  • She talks about how trauma can come from a family’s inability to know what to do with emotion–not all traumas are big traumas. Yet, they can still cause us pain.
  • The connection between HSP (highly sensitive people) and eating disorders, body image, and perfectionistic tendencies.
  • Why there’s often a set back after six weeks of progress on journeys to food and body image freedom.
  • How promoting self-love is deeply connected to New Age philosophies and teachings that Christians should avoid.

Learn more about Tracy and the work she does on body image and trauma:

Tracy Brown,RD,LD/N  is a trauma informed nutrition therapist/eating disorder dietitian, stress recovery coach and nutrition counseling skills teacher.  She walks besides people wanting to heal their relationship with food and weight as well as feel safer and less stressed in their bodies.  Her testimony of recovery from eating disorders, trauma and the new age is meant to bring glory to God’s mercy and grace. Since 2006, she has guided people one on one and in groups in healing from disordered eating and chronic dieting, many of which also have other stress-related conditions at and (to stop bashing your body)

She provides trauma informed and body image  training and supervision to health professionals as well at

Tracy Brown Non-diet dietician eating disorder and trauma
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