Candy is EVERYWHERE. Seems like October rolls around and the candy doesn’t leave until January. But, then it only stays gone until February when Valentine’s candy shows up, which rolls right into Easter candy time.

How do we handle holiday candy?

How do we handle it with our children? How do we handle it with ourselves? What do you do if you feel like you can’t “trust yourself” around candy? How do you keep your kids from having a disordered relationship with candy? All of these questions and more are what we tackle in today’s episode!

Dr. Stefani Reinold is a psychiatrist and ED specialist who has worked with more than a thousand women and girls to help them find a healthier relationship with food and eating. You will be SHOCKED by her recommendations in today’s episode-but I encourage you to listen the whole way through! Studies show that allowing your kids UNRESTRICTED access to candy MAY be the healthiest way to help them learn to regulate themselves around sugar and may help them not develop disordered eating behaviors later in life. But how is this even possible?

Today Stefani and I talk about:

  1. How do we help our kids have a healthy relationship with candy? (One where they won’t binge every time they get some)!
  2. How can we help ourselves have a healthy relationship with candy? Is there a trick to not eating ALL the candy?
  3. What to do if you and your spouse don’t agree on how to handle candy and sweets.
  4. How sugar may not be the most dangerous thing for your child’s health . . .

This is a must-listen episode – I hope you’ll share with a friend.

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