My two-part interview with Brittany Braswell, non-diet RD continues with Brittany and I discussing her list of 7 reasons we hold on to ED (eating disorder) behaviors. She takes us through all of the reasons why we may keep turning to our disordered eating or eating disorder behaviors because, in some way, these behaviors are meeting emotional/deeper needs for us. From control to anger issues, and from anxiety and stress to stuffed emotions–you’ll be interested and amazed to see all the ways how we treat food can really be about something deeper. Getting real food freedom comes in part when we can learn what’s beneath our food related behaviors. Here’s what else to expect from today’s show:

  • Learn about the circle of control and how control issues around food and exercise can show up as young as age 8.
  • Isaiah 55 and our control issues
  • How being the wardrobe police for your husband may be a control issue
  • Control may not lead us where we hope it will lead us
  • Brittany explains how, “There’s no body size that makes us enough or not enough to the Lord.”
  • And, so much more!

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