Stuck on Intuitive Eating Step One: Defeating Diet Mentality

by | Apr 26, 2022 | Dieting, Intuitive Eating for Christian Women, Podcast Episodes

In this month’s Intuitive Eating Coaching call with Heather’s Intuitive Eating Coaches–Erin Todd and Char Lee Haze– we talk about how hard it is to actually make it past step one in Intuitive Eating. Step one of Intuitive Eating involves recognizing and turning from Diet Culture so you can reclaim your power to choose the foods and methods of eating that are best for your body. But today we talk about navigating the body changes that come when you stop dieting. We also talk about how ditching diets and “rebelling” against diets are two very different things. There are many informative and encouraging truths about defeating diet mentality in this episode.

Need help defeating diet mentality? Here are some other places today’s conversation goes:

  • What happens when our bodies transition from being underfoot or underhydrated.
  • Why dieting and manipulating, changing body size is truly an addiction.
  • How powerless it can feel to notice changes in your body and not turn to dieting.
  • Navigating the tension between who I am in Christ and who I want to be, physically.
  • Why we struggle with being human (imperfect, changing, aging, etc…)
  • How we use Diet Culture rules to keep us safe (and how that’s truly ineffective).
  • How unfathomable it is that anyone could truly escape Diet Culture without an understanding of identity in Christ.
  • How defeating diet mentality without feeling secure in Christ and having his help daily is practically impossible.

There is so much gold in this episode, you may need to listen twice!

Need more help defeating diet mentality?

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  1. Allena

    My mother and I have agreed that there are (and will likely be more) specific instances where the enemy has attacked our technology- especially when the way we’re using it is glorify the Lord.

    Looking back, I’ve only ever felt guilty and that it was my will when dieting. I never gave it to God when I chose to do it dor me. Now, in an effort to improve my health being more active, I am giving it to Him. And praying that He will help me follow through with commitments I make, and helping me to realize and stop the ones that are not from Him.

    I really resonate and struggle with the “feeling-complete-as-an-incomplete-person” mindset. And as someone who had a chronic illness with big symptoms THAT HE HEALED, seeing my faults that remain without being sick are new, daily struggles.

    Another thing to remember is that the enemy will continue to make sure you struggle, even/especially when that identify piece finally “completes” the puzzle.

    Thank you for this today ladies. Last night (in my own will, not his), I had planned to start half-hazardly fasting for I don’t know how long. Through your words, He spoke against that today.

    • Heather Creekmore

      I’m so blessed to read that this conversation encouraged you and found you at just the right time! Only Jesus completes us, you’re right. It’s not getting the right size that will ever make us feel satisfied! Thanks for your comment!!!


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