Are you afraid of satisfaction? Does it feel “wrong” to buy something you would like or to eat something that tastes truly delicious? In my intuitive eating coaching call, Erin Todd–co-host of the Intuitive Eating for Christian Women podcast–and I talk about why we struggle with satisfaction. We talk about the ways we’ve subtly learned that it’s better or holier to not be satisfied–in everything from our clothing purchases to our food choices. We also talk about the following:

  • Why do we use words like “sinful” or “guilty” when it comes to enjoyable foods?
  • Where does it say in the Bible that we shouldn’t enjoy food? If we are to “taste and see that the Lord is good,” doesn’t that imply it’s okay to enjoy what we eat?
  • How we end up believing that self-denial in the arena of food is a path to justification and holiness.
  • What it means to give yourself unconditional permission to eat.
  • Why being afraid of satisfaction is not helpful to your relationship with food (and may connect to disordered eating).
  • How awkward it is to give ourselves permission to eat when we feel like others are watching or others disapprove of our food choices.
  • Why ultimate satisfaction can only come from Jesus, but how he never tells us we can’t enjoy the good things he’s created for our pleasure.

If you’ve ever felt afraid of satisfaction or feared pleasure, this episode will speak to you!

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