Heather just got back from her first vacation as an “Intuitive Eater,” and she learned a lot about herself and her food habits. Today, Heather talks to Erin Todd and Char-Lee Cassel of the Intuitive Eating for Christian Women podcast. Heather’s coaches take her on an unexpected journey talking about food, body, family, approval, disappointments and so much more.

Here Are Some Places We Go in our Discussion of Intuitive Eating on Vacation:

  • How eating breakfast changed things on vacation for Heather.
  • How Heather didn’t feel “addicted” or out of control with sweets even under stress.
  • How Heather had been operating under results from a decade-old test about food sensitivities and avoiding things.
  • The relational aspect of food on vacation and how Heather’s recognizing some unloving tendencies.
  • How to handle comments/compliments or lack thereof with family members.
  • Breaking away from the need for approval from family members approval of our appearance.
  • The pressure to make vacation perfect and how that can spoil our time away!
  • Why do we feel like we need a vacation to be “the best” time of our lives?
  • How to keep your cool and not be super triggered if you find yourself in the middle of dieting conversations.
  • What does it look like to give grace to family members that aren’t on the same page with food?
  • Why dieters love the food freedom of vacation, and how Intuitive Eating can give us that all year long.
  • Why Heather used to cry at the end of every vacation.

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