Today’s Intuitive Eating Coaching Call is filled with so many good nuggets of truth, you’re going to want to listen to it twice. If intuitive eating doesn’t feel very intuitive to you, take a listen to this. Heather talks about how she’s feeling “safer” in her body and healthier in many ways but struggling to feel comfortable at a new size. Erin Todd and Char-Lee Cassel of the Intuitive Eating for Christian Women Podcast talk with Heather about so many great truths about giving up diet culture, food rules, and unhealthy mental strongholds around dieting, food, and weight loss. If you’re uncomfortable in your body and feel uncertain about your size, food, weight, or anything in that genre–you’re going to get a lot out of this episode.

Here Are Some Topics We Cover in What to Do When You’re Uncomfortable in Your Body:

  • PMS changes, hormones, and body image
  • Messages from celebrities that have stuck with Heather for decades
  • Is it physical discomfort with size or is it mental discomfort around not wearing a size we desire?
  • We argue over whether or not “physical discomfort” is always cured by weight loss.
  • How do we take weight loss off the table?
  • What is the cost of weight loss–long term and short term?
  • Is the short-term success of dieting worth it?
  • Heather confesses to being sucked back into exercise addiction.
  • How we feel a moral obligation to lose weight if it will solve our health issues.
  • We question the cultural truth that we each have complete control over our own weight.
  • How addictive behavior tricks us when we are coming out of eating disorders or exercise addiction.
  • Exercise or joyful movement in the scope of Intuitive Eating
  • How Heather feels free to not think of food as much.
  • The mental health aspect of our food struggles and how we “trick” ourselves into our addictive behaviors.
  • How so much of this struggle comes down to heart issues and our desire for rules and law.
  • What happens when others don’t get the journey you’re on–and when it feels lonely.
  • Don’t go back to Egypt (listen to the episode on that topic here!)

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