In today’s Black Friday episode of the show, Heather talks about the connection between body image issues and shopping! If you’ve ever found yourself trying to soothe your body image frustration through buying clothes or buying things . . .you’re not alone. Today’s show offers practical tips for getting our shopping habits under control. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying shopping, but if we believe we can buy our way out of our body image issues-it won’t work as we hope it. Also, today Heather shares some of her favorite things that–if you are shopping–you may want to add to your Christmas list.

Heather’s Favorite Things List

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Fun products for you!

Amazon cool neck ring for getting ready, hot flashes, and summer:

Heather’s favorite top! Check out this Dolman short sleeve top that covers and flatters:

Heather’s favorite nightgown:

Fascia Blaster tool Heather loves: and the moisturizing oil that goes with it:

Heather’s favorite kitchen gadget, this cool little strawberry huller:

Heather’s favorite supplement for cold and flu season:

Heather’s favorite beauty gadget, this little trimmer for brows, nose, and chin:

Heather’s favorite affordable, cool, and soft sheet set:

Heather’s favorite smart watch band:

Try the Shopping Services Heather Mentioned

Try StitchFix and get a $25 credit:

Try Wantable and get a $25 credit:

Heather’s favorite books this year

Great Reads in New Year:

What God Says About Our Bodies. Find it here:

Anti-Diet by Christy Harrison:

Great Book for Your Stocking: The Intuitive Eating Workbook. Find it here:


The Food & Feelings Workbook:

Great Gift Book: The Chosen: 40 Day with Jesus Book One:

Great book for teen girls: Who Are You Following:

Great book for the curious woman who enjoys personality type study:

Great book for introverts:

Great book for single moms of boys:

Heather’s book on comparison makes a great gift:

Heather’s book on body image makes a great gift or stocking stuffer for yourself:

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