Podcast host and author, Michelle Rayburn shares her powerful journey out of Diet Culture and into intuitive eating that may have been inspired by reading Heather’s first book, “Compared to Who?” In this episode, Michelle discusses her struggles with body image and food, reflecting on the shame and pressure she felt for over 40 years. Michelle and Heather highlight the importance of addressing body image work before focusing on food changes. Michelle also delves into her personal journey with intuitive eating, emphasizing the freedom it brings and the ability to focus on relationships rather than food. The episode concludes with Michelle sharing her latest project, a bible study series called “Remade,” which focuses on finding hope in difficulties and struggles. 

Other topics in this episode:

  • Michelle’s journey from restrictive plans and twice weekly weigh ins to finding freedom with food and comfort in the body God gave her.
  • How Michelle’s experiences with diet culture and beauty standards affected her relationship with faith and spirituality, and how did she navigate these challenges.
  • How Michelle’s decision to remove triggers such as wrong-sized clothes that were incentives for her body size contribute to her journey towards a healthier body image.
  • How Michelle’s shift away from diet culture and intuitive eating has positively influenced her relationships, daily life, and mental well-being.

Learn more about Michelle Rayburn and her “Remade” Bible Study here: https://michellerayburn.com/

Learn more about Compared to Who?, the Body Image Freedom Framework online course and coaching program, AND the new 40-Day Body Image Workbook here: www.improvebodyimage.com

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