Could Your Body Image Issues Connect to ADHD? Featuring Dr. Tamara Rosier

by | Oct 20, 2023 | Eating Disorders, Help Son with body image, Help Wife with Body Image, Podcast Episodes

Today Heather has a fascinating discussion with Tamara Rosier, PhD about the connections between ADHD and body image issues and eating disorders. Heather explores this topic as an extension of personal research she’s been doing about her own undetected ADHD type symptoms and traits. Dr. Rosier walks Heather through several ways that ADHD connects and may contribute to body image issues and eating disorders including:

*How the ADHD (neurodivergent) brain operates from the limbic system instead of the prefrontal cortex, making our bodies stay in a “fight or flight” response, which makes us constantly feel threatened or unsafe.

*How ADHD or neurodivergence is often is found in high-functioning women.

*Why ADHD makes it hard to do mundane or repetitive tasks.

*How ADHD can make us perfect victims for narcissists.

*How Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria connects to body image issues and potential eating disorders or disordered eating.

*Why the hyper vigilance of the ADHD brain may cause us to overdo it in exercise.

*Why the neurodivergent may experience the feelings of being “all or nothing” – Either working too hard/overworking or doing nothing at all.

*How ADHD responses are similar to trauma responses, though some have both operating at same time.

*Why being curious about what’s going on in your brain is helpful.

If you’ve ever been curious about ADHD, Neurodivergence, Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria and other things going on in your brain that may impact your body image or eating issues, you’ll want to take notes on this one!

Learn more about Dr. Tamara Rosier and her book, “Your Brain’s Not Broken” here:  (Amazon affiliate link)

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