What is Health, Really? A History of BMI Charts, Ideal Weights, & Healthy Eating

by | Oct 10, 2023 | Eating Disorders, Podcast Episodes, Top Podcast Episodes

One of the biggest obstacles women who are battling body image face is the pressure from society to meet a standard of health that is evidenced by one’s appearance. Today, Heather takes a deep dive into all things “health.” This is part one of an hour-long talk available through the Body Image Freedom Framework Course or available to contributors to the Compared to Who? show. For more information on the course or to donate to Compared to Who? visit: www.improvebodyimage.com or donate directly here: https://www.improvebodyimage.com/offers/29mL4jyz/checkout

Today Heather explores the history behind concepts that are commonplace to us. We sometimes forget that concepts like “health” (as we mean it today) and even “ideal weight” have only been around for a hundred years. People didn’t have scales in their homes until the 1920s. People didn’t know how much they were “supposed” to weigh until the 1940s and 1950s. The diet industry began to flourish shortly thereafter (in the 1970s and 80s), and since then we’ve been on a wild roller coaster chasing the “what’s healthy” food trends. (Remember, in 1988 you were healthy by eating Special K cereal. In 1992, you were healthy by avoiding fats. Then in 2022, you were healthy by eating Keto fat “bombs”).

**Listen to the second part of this hour long session that includes thoughts about exercise and the history of exercise, the social determinants of health, and how to apply scripture to our thinking around health.

Healthy Eating, BMI Charts, and Ideal Weights

Come on a journey through the history of health, BMI, weight standards and food rules as a reminder that the only real truth we have that never changes is God’s truth.

To hear the second part of this episode where we explore what scripture has to say about these topics, visit: www.improvebodyimage.com and support the show or sign up for the self-paced Body Image Freedom Framework course.

What is health really BMI, weights, health food trends


  1. Cynthia Romero

    Hi Heather, thank you for sharing this episode with us! It was such an eye opening and jaw dropping episode. The wellness community has became a place of fear and unrealistic expectations. Have a blessed new year!

  2. Kathaline Hansen

    How dare you tell to pay for the interview. I dislike Patreon’s platform. Very hard to find anything. This is bait and switch. 358 882 136 D

    • Heather Creekmore

      Hi Kathaline, I’m so sorry you feel this way. I record, edit, and release 110+ free podcast episodes every single year. While lots of other content creators put half or more of their content behind a paywall, I’ve chosen to keep mine freely available. This episode was one that I hadn’t planned on sharing because I recorded it as exclusive content only for participants in my course. But, I kept getting questions on the topic and thought the first half may be helpful to my listeners. I’m sorry you feel cheated. But, I do hope you realize that I’ve given you so much, without asking anything in return. I offer in the post above a way for you to donate without using Patreon -through my website. It seems you found the content helpful, and that’s why you’re frustrated. But, your tone above is a bit accusative and feels unfair, given all that I offer for free, regularly. In His Grace, Heather


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