If you are a follower of Jesus Christ, you’d probably call yourself a Christian. You may even say that’s our religion. But, when we follow diets, there is a temptation to follow a false religion. In fact, that’s why diets sell and why Christians love diets so much–there’s a lot of similarities between following a diet and our walk of faith. But, it’s important in the end to know which “religion” you are more allegiant to–the religion of diets or Jesus!

Today we explore the following topics in this episode–The Religion of Diets:

**We talk about the great similarities between what Diet Culture teaches and what Christianity teaches in terms of faith and salvation.

**We look at words like righteousness, holiness, grace, and justice and how they apply to both Christianity and to our dieting.

**We explore why it’s so easy to fall into the trap of earning righteousness through food or exercise rules and how real Christianity requires grace that dieting doesn’t offer.

**We explore the root word of Diet Culture and talk about how a shared faith and worship of something that’s not Jesus is always idolatry.

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