Today Heather continues her conversation with Tracy Brown, RD about the strange or unusual physical symptoms that can connect to dieting, food restriction, eating disorders, and disordered eating. Though some doctors fail to make the connections, it’s clear from Tracy’s work that many women who have this kind of history also have similar symptoms that show up in the form of GI tract or stomach issues that range from bloating, to IBS, to esophagus issues and other problems.

Heather and Tracy explore the impact your diet or wellness plan may have secretly had on your digestive system. Heather shares about her autoimmune esophagus issues and related problems she’s had with her GI tract. They talk about AFRID and other ways we can unknowingly create more problems for ourselves as we try to restrict foods that we think are to blame for the issues we are having. 

Heather shares what happened after she went for MRT testing to see what foods she was allergic to and how the further restriction may have caused even more problems. Tracy also digs into the threat response we create in our bodies when we fear eating certain foods or when past trauma connects with certain foods and we respond to them.

There’s so much interesting information in this episode-for education purposes only. Please seek treatment or help from an eating disorder-trained medical professional if you are struggling with an eating disorder or some of these symptoms. 

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