Today Heather chats with the hosts of the Intuitive Eating for Christian Women Podcast, Erin Todd and Char Lee Haze, about food tracking, trying to track food for weight loss, and how this concept aligns with Intuitive Eating.

Heather talks about feeling more stable in her body now than she did when she was thinner, but how she wrestles this desire to incorporate some of the principles she learned in her dieting days to help her organize her eating today.

Is there a place for planning and tracking in Intuitive Eating? What’s the heart behind it? What’s the goal? If you’re able to separate food choices from morality, this may work for you. But, if your goal is different, this practice may not be super helpful.

Heather also shares what happened when she tried Noom and started to try food-tracking again and how quickly she was tempted to go back to chasing a “shiny object” of freedom through weight loss. Heather also shared how they kept giving her free months but how difficult it was to finally cancel.

Char suggests an excellent app for those used to tracking their food called: Peace with Food created by friend of the Compared to Who? podcast, Amy Carlson.

They also talk about how tracking can be different from needing to control or needing a method to cope from past trauma. If you need to follow the “thing” there are options for you.

Listen to the wisdom Char and Erin share with Heather today. Char answers Heather’s question: How do you know if you’re disconnected from your body? Erin encourage us to be kind and curious as we think about our bodies and food habits. Anxiety and depression around body issues leave when you find humility and stop trying to convince everyone you’re perfect.

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Intuitive Eating and food tracking - can they go together?