Melissa Johnson joins Heather today to discuss the concept of beauty and how it can be redefined. Melissa shares her personal journey of simultaneously undergoing eating disorder treatment and spiritual formation classes, which prompted her to question societal beauty standards and discover true beauty. Through her own experiences and encounters with God, Melissa began to see the broken nature of cultural beauty and how it disintegrates individuals.

Melissa highlights the mind-blowing beauty and expansive love of God revealed in his Creation and creations. True beauty, she explains, integrates and draws individuals towards wholeness and unity. To see and appreciate such beauty, Melissa suggests adopting a posture of presence and using our senses to notice the world around us. The conversation delves into Melissa’s personal experience with the harmful beliefs around food, body image, and worth as a woman that she had to undo through intensive treatment. She emphasizes the importance of stopping objectification and embracing our bodies as integrated parts of who we are. We also cover touch on societal pressures, shame, and the impact of beauty standards on individuals’ sense of self-worth and belonging. The toxic nature of these standards, perpetuated by media saturation and social media, leads to comparison, competition, and disconnection from our own bodies.

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