Today we’re talking about praying for peace with the boundaries of our bodies. One of the hardest aspects of our body image struggles may be accepting the way God made and “sized” our bodies. For some, there’s frustration over height or size. For others its frustration over specific body parts. But, either way, recognizing that God made us on purpose, for a purpose, means our bodies were made with intention. Today we pray for the grace to be able to accept our bodies and even thank God for the “boundaries” he placed around the way he made us, physically. We’re never commanded to “love” our bodies in the sense of giving our bodies praise and worship that is due to God. But, we are instructed to take care of our bodies and we can be thankful that our bodies are a good gift from God. Think about it, without your body – you aren’t you! And, without your body, there’s not a lot (that is to say, nothing) you can do here on earth. Today’s episode will help shift your perspective on your body to help improve your body image!

Praying for Peace with Boundaries of Your Body Verse and Action Step

Verse: Psalm 16:6 ESV: The lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; indeed, I have a beautiful inheritance.

Action step: Start thinking of one thing each day you can thank God for about your body. Thank him for eyes or legs that work or fingers that type fast. Pray and thank him daily for something new each day for the rest of this month.

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praying daily for body image issues and for a new view of beauty, radiance, peace and grace