“This is one of the few times I’ve paid for a program and I’m fully satisfied. I’m pleasantly surprised and encouraged by the work we’ve done.”

“I love my counselor but I’m so glad I paid for this. It was so much more valuable. This was exactly what I needed.”

“My husband can see the difference. He said it’s like I’m finally able to relax and just be me. What a gift to our marriage.”

“This personal training is absolutely one of the best and most beneficial things I have ever done! Every time I talk to Heather, I learn. Coaching is worth every dollar!”

It was great to hear Heather’s stories and how so many stories were similar to mine. It helps to get to know someone who has “been there, done that” and has come out on the other side of it. Heather always pointed me back to Christ and encouraged me to dig deep and think about the heart of the issue (not just fix the symptoms).”

Heather is a real woman who openly, honestly and humorously shares her struggles with body issues and helps find path to overcome themI rated my struggles as a “1”on a scale of 1-to-10 (awful) at the beginning of our session. After our six weeks I feel like I’m a “7”or even an “8”, on my way to freedom.

“I’m literally amazed. I’ve been ‘working’ on these issues for years, but no one has ever showed me truth in the same way you have. Thank you, Heather, for your willingness to walk with me through this trial and for showing me the path to freedom!”

It has been God’s gift to me to bring me freedom from an almost life-long struggle in the area of body image. Heather came alongside me, took my hand, and walked with me down the road to freedom she herself had walked down, pointing me to Christ and the Gospel and the freedom He died to give me. She skillfully directed my gaze off of myself and onto my Savior and His precious work on the Cross on my behalf, using the application of the Gospel to demolish body-image idolatry...”

As a result of this training, I have a new sense of identity that is found in Christ and not rooted in my body image or in the approval of others and it’s a glorious feeling.”