Today we start a new series for the month of September called “Lies We Believe.” The first lie we tackle is the myth that if you just lose weight or get your body to the size you want it to be, you won’t stress over body image any more. This is the lie sold to us through every before and after photo in every weight loss ad. This is the lie that most permeates the marketing of diets. And it’s one we want to believe because it feels like it would be SO nice to just drop the pounds and have everything in life get easier. Yet, there is solid scientific evidence proving that weight loss doesn’t solve everything. In fact, there’s science that shows once a woman loses weight, she may actually start obsessing over her body even more! In other words, it’s just not true that weight loss fixes everything. It could lead you to more issues, especially in the arena of body image!

Are you ready to let go of the myth that weight loss fixes everything?

Then today’s show is for you.

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